Sketchbook 2017

Sketchbook 2017

Collection of sketches, studies and preparatory drawings for the most significant covers created in 2017, with a large section dedicated to Spiderman.

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This annual collection of images shows the origins and development of the artist’s most important covers of 2017. This colour sketchbook gives an in-depth look behind the scenes: sketches, pencil drawings and intermediate stages of the artworks before they were finalised and published. The sketchbook measures 24 x 16.5 cm, and every copy is signed.

This sketchbook will be of particular interest both to fans who wish to explore the origins of their favourite characters and to aspiring illustrators and art enthusiasts, who can go back and trace the creative process, immersing themselves in the initial study and creation phases of Simone’s most important works.

The works have been selected directly by the artist as some of the most significant in his 2017 artistic production, and are organised by character, each of whom is shown in all their variations and nuances. Often the very first sketches, the most instinctive and genuine, are shown; from these, the finished character gradually takes shape, one step at a time, through numerous studies.

This album of preliminary drawings contains an extensive section dedicated to Spiderman covers, with Simone devoting several months to this character over the course of 2017.

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