Sketchbook 2018

Sketchbook 2018

Sketchbook containing the best of the artist’s sketches, pencil drawings and studies created in 2018.

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Sketchbook 2018 not only contains the origins of Simone Bianchi’s covers, but also numerous preparatory drawings for various kinds of works. At the time, the artist was indeed working on various works not destined for publication, including four paintings which you will not find in your favourite comic books. Now you can discover the origins, taking a look back and following the creative process which, from the inspiration of the very earliest sketches, led to the final character as we know them through a long process of development and improvement.

Sketches, preparatory drawings, studies and intermediate phases of the works before their publication have been selected by the artist himself on the basis of their importance, and categorised by topic in this sketchbook signed by the artist, measuring 24 x 16.5 cm.

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