The world of comics, of course. But when we are talking about comics and superheroes, Simone Bianchi can really talk about conquers. Discor the story of the Italian illustrator at Marvel..

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In 2018 Simone was the first Italian illustrator to join the Upperdeck project Marvel Masterpieces. Every 2 years one of the best talents in the world of illustration is selected to interpret the most famous Marvel characters. Simone did 135 images, whose original paintings were exhibited at the Metropolis Gallery in New York and at Lucca Comics and Games.

Everything raised from the Corno comics, the Publishing House that brought superheroes to Italy. We are in the '70s and Simone learns to read and write from his comic books, his great passion. But most of all he learns to draw by copying Spiderman, Daredevil and Fantastic Four, his favorite comic heroes.

It is by drawing comics that Simone step by step starts to make his way among the most famous names in the illustration world. In 1998 his works are exhibited at Lucca Comics and Games; in 1999 he draws a cover for Fantastic 4 and one for Conan the Barbarian for Marvel Italia. In 2000, while teaching at the International School of Comics in Florence, his first portfolio "Echi" is published; 2 years later "The Art of Simone Bianchi" will follow, and in 2005 it will be time for "Onirika".

At that time Simone collaborates with Direct2Brain, a Company specialized in 3D design; he helps contribute script, storyboards, character design, and concept art for video clips for various artists; at the same time he paints some Heavy Metal CD covers, like Timeless Crime and Sons of Thunder for the Italian band Labyrinth, and the first 2 Vision Divine CD covers, Sigma and Send me and Angel.

In 2004 he did the first hard cover volume of “EGO SUM”, a sci-fi saga which Simone also wrote, and whose second issue was released in 2005 in various European Countries.

US readers know him for his collaborations with DC Comics, for which he drew the miniserie Shining Knight, the Green Lantern, Batman and Detective Comics cover and the whole Green Lantern #6 issue.

In February 2006, Simone signed an Exclusive Contract with Marvel, after which he drew six WOLVERINE issues, and immediately after six ASTONISHING X-MEN issues. He is also tasked with redesigning the X-Men official costumes, that were used by Marvel for the next 6 years throughout their books. In 2008 his ASTONISHING X-MEN #25 sold out its entire print run, and reprinted with a brand new cover.

In 2009, together with Jeph Loeb again, he created Wolverine’s new enemy, ROMULUS Another character Simone will create is Remus, a feminine character very close to Wolverine.

Other creations fo him are the miniseries Thor for Asgard and Uncanny X-Force, Thanos Rising, New Avengers, Thor and Loki: the Tenth Realm. In 2014 he is commissioned with some Star Wars covers and the whole Star Wars issue #7.

Simone's works were exhibited at the Museo di Palazzo della Penna in Perugia and at the Galérie du 9ème Art in Paris. In 2011 the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego, California, organized an exhibition of his paintings. In 2013 a personal exhibition of his works took place at the Cart Gallery in Rome, and in 2015 his exhibition Villains and Superheroes was inaugurated at the Danese/Corey Gallery in New York, where works from Picasso, Matisse, Dalì had been exhibited before. In 2018 his works were chosen by the Metropolis Gallery in New York for a personal exhibition.

In 2019 his long time dream to work with Mark Millar comes true. It happens on the Netflix series SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER, for which Simone will draw all 6 issues.