Spiderman print signed by Simone Bianchi – Tribute to Moebius
Spiderman painting– Signed Simone Bianchi print
Simone Bianchi Spiderman print in 250 copies

Spiderman print signed

A limited-edition print of 250 numbered copies signed by Simone Bianchi

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A limited-edition print of just 250 numbered copies signed by Simone Bianchi on 300 gr. Tintoretto paper. It portrays Spiderman floating over the Rialto Bridge, in Venice. The original work was painted in acrylic on board by Simone Bianchi, who decided to reinterpret character in an usual way.

It is a homage to one of Simone’s biggest influences about illustration, the famous French Artist Moebius, alias jean Giraud. This is not the first time that Simone deals directly or indirectly with works that made the History of Art, but this time he chose to give a tribute to one of the Masters of the Fantasy illustration.    

To tribute Moebius “Venice Céleste”, Simone has quoted not only the setting, but also the dreamlike and surreal atmospheres.  We don’t see the classical metropolitan setting, with New York skyscrapers in the background, but a slightly grotesque Venice with its dry channels, in whose riverbed we can only view a floating gondola with two passengers and the gondolier. A clear allusion to Moebius’ brilliant work and unreal atmospheres, for which Simone has used different colors than the character’s usual ones. No surprise that the color purple dominates this twilight landscape between reality and dream.   

As usual, it is the illustration pictorial style to catch the eye, a distinctive feature in Simone’s work. This limited-edition serigraphy can’t be missed in a Simone Bianchi fan’s collection nor in all Spiderman lovers’. Purchase it online and you will get one of the most unique Spiderman prints all around.

Important: the shipping costs of silkscreens do not increase by ordering up to 10 pieces! Take advantage of it!

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