A Woman and a Tiger - Deluxe Print
A Woman and a Tiger - Deluxe Print
A Woman and a Tiger - Deluxe Print

A Woman and a Tiger - Deluxe Print

Print in a limited edition of just 50 signed copies on 400 gsm Morillo paper.

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Screen print in a limited edition of 400 signed, numbered copies of the work “A Woman and a Tiger”.

“After nearly 20 years spent painting and drawing superheroes, I felt the need to experiment with completely different, and in some cases even opposing, genres, styles and content. From this point of view, the erotic genre, centred around a strong, sensual and suggestive – yet never vulgar – woman, was a challenge I had wanted to take on for some time.”

This work by Simone Bianchi, inspired by the erotic genre, was therefore born of this desire to experiment with works outside of the world of comic books; it is an homage to a 1980s lithographic print by Milo Manara, but also to Art Nouveau. The graphical composition, with white spaces surrounding the image, are indeed an homage to Alphonse Mucha, the Czech painter, illustrator and graphic artist whom Simone Bianchi very much admires. Why a tiger? Because this work also satisfies Simone’s desire to portray animals, which rarely appear in comic-book narratives.

This is Simone Bianchi’s first NFT work – the only one to date which can be purchased digitally as a non-fungible token. It is a new interpretation which stands as an alternative to traditional collections, allowing the availability of the work to be expanded to a wider audience accustomed to a different relationship both with digital technology and with art.

Would you also like to enjoy the beauty and pictorial nature of this unique work by owning a copy printed on high-quality stock, signed personally by Simone Bianchi? If so, purchase one of the 400 numbered screen prints of the work online.

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