Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Print of the painting of Silver Surfer, in a limited run of 500 signed copies. Dimensions: 33 x 43 cm

Important: the postage and handling cost for lithographic prints is a set amount for up to ten pieces!

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There is also a deluxe edition of this Silver Surfer lithographic print which reproduces the preparatory drawing for the work. This standard edition of 500 signed copies, on the other hand, is a print of the complete original painting on premium Tintoretto paper, measuring 43 x 33 cm.

Are you a true comic-book enthusiast? Then your collection can’t be without this portrait of one of Marvel’s most complex superheroes, in an original and personal interpretation from the pen of Simone Bianchi.

Shown on his craft, the silver surfboard which allows him to travel faster than light, Silver Surfer is almost invulnerable thanks to the powers conferred to him by Galactus, the planet devourer, who appears behind him in the work, and against whom the silver hero rebels when he allies with the Fantastic Four.

Purchase this lithographic print now to complete your collection with a piece of undisputed artistic value which depicts an essential part of the history of Marvel comics.

33x43 cm
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