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Marvel Masterpieces - Artbook

Marvel Masterpieces - Artbook

A hardback artbook containing all 135 paintings from the Marvel Masterpieces 2018 collection, created by Simone Bianchi for Upper Deck, each depicting one of Marvel’s best-known characters.

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A project completed entirely by Simone Bianchi upon request of Upper Deck, which required fourteen months to finish. Simone was the first Italian illustrator to be called to paint their interpretation of Marvel’s superheroes in the Marvel Masterpiece trading cards, which have been published since 1992 in America and gained fame among collectors all over the world. The 135 acrylic paintings on poster board created by Simone were displayed in two exhibitions, one at the Metropolis gallery in New York and one at the annual comic book and gaming convention Lucca Comics, where visitors were able to admire Simone’s original paintings in all their splendour. For those who were not lucky enough to be among them, this extraordinary artbook is available and contains prints of all Simone Bianchi’s Marvel Masterpieces from 2018.

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Simone Bianchi is the only Italian amongst the giants of comic-book art to be invited to paint cards for the Marvel Masterpiece collection.

The first set was released in 1992, entirely composed of paintings by Joe Jusko, who was also the last illustrator to dedicate themselves to Marvel Masterpieces before Simone in 2016.

A succession of great names followed, including Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, Dave Devries, Dimitrios Patelis, Peter Scanlan and Nelson, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, and finally David Palumbo.

Simone Bianchi has stated that Upper Deck's invitation was a great honour for him, but it is not by chance that his name has ended up in the Pantheon of the best-loved illustrators.


Marvel Masterpieces is the name of various sets of trading cards, printed between 1992-2020, featuring Marvel’s best known characters.

They are the artist’s interpretations of what he himself calls “the modern mythology”.

There are numerous connections between classical mythology and the world of comic books, both because the latter makes numerous references to elements of the former, and because they both represent, in their own way, a method of conveying the ethical principles, ideals and beliefs of their era.

I think that Marvel constructed [...]
the modern mythology

and so we artists [...]
do what
the great masters of the past
did with
classical mythology.

Simone Bianchi

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