Amazing Talent

Amazing Talent

Collected works from the exhibition “Simone Bianchi – Amazing Talent”, held from 12 September to 25 October 2020 at Palazzo Vitelli a Sant’Egidio in Città di Castello near Perugia in central Italy, with the artistic direction of Vincenzo Mollica, who also wrote the volume’s preface and afterword.

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The catalogue contains over 200 works by Simone Bianchi, presented in the same order as the route through the exhibition’s different rooms, one dedicated to Spiderman, one to the Avengers, one to Thor, then the Mutants, Wolverine, the Marvel Heroes and Villains, Batman and Joker, and much more besides. In addition to an excursus on Simone’s most famous characters, the book contains works created specifically for the exhibition, including a reworking of Raffaello’s The Marriage of the Virgin, with some of his superheroes as the protagonists.

Collectors cannot miss this book on Simone Bianchi, as it represents a complete collection of his best-loved characters and contains unique and original material. Each section is, indeed, accompanied by a commentary from Simone on the different characters or groups of characters, as well as original insights into his professional path and his relationship with some of the paintings the book contains.

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Simone Bianchi’s deep roots in Italian art are evident in the pictorial nature of his works, which have no boundaries between painting and comic-book art.

His work embodies the history of painting and reinterprets it in a contemporary tone, such as in his reworking of Raffaello’s The Marriage of the Virgin (Lo Sposalizio 3.0) inspired by the “Black Lives Matter” movement. It is the most representative work in the Amazing Talent exhibition, created especially for the event.

Like Raffaello, who brought his modernity into art with this painting, Simone also wanted his work to be a mirror of the age, breaking the mould and taking on highly contemporary topics such as interculturalism and the international movement against racism.

Its goals are those of the great classics: to be both contemporary and timeless simultaneously. And Simone managed wonderfully, with his references to renaissance perspective and classical symbolism, as well as Norse mythology. Simone’s version of the painting perfectly represents the revolutions of our own time and the paradigm changes of the digital age.

He has painting in his blood.
He lives
and breathes painting.

His clear gaze
transforms everything he sees
and imagines into paintings.

Vincenzo Mollica


The Amazing Talent exhibition explores the topic of the relationship between the “Fine Arts” and the “Comic Book”, with the stated goal of “breaking down any preconceived notion, habit, prejudice or diminution with regard to comic-book art” (R. Corbò).

Very often, the world of Comics has been defined by critics and authors as a modern mythology, which resumes the narrative and iconographic path of the classical representation of all those characters we could define as being “kissed by divine breath”.

The history of the comic book, like those of ancient mythology and religion, are narratives in which superior beings miraculously intervene in humans’ day-to-day lives to save them. In modern-day iconography, superheroes have taken the place of pagan myths and saints

This book of Simone Bianchi’s artworks, in which the author recounts his own story, his poetics and his personal relationship with his characters and the “ninth art”, is the perfect tool for those who are interested in learning more about the relationship between art and comic books, as well as being an accurate window onto the world of the artist, and an extraordinary gallery of characters for those who simply love superheroes.


  • An extraordinary collection of your favourite superheroes
  • A journey into the world of Simone Bianchi’s comic-book art
  • Exclusive content on the genesis of Simone Bianchi’s works and his story
  • A reflection on the relationship between the “Ninth Art” and the Fine Arts

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