Simone Bianchi’s artbooks are must-haves for fans and collectors alike. Collections of artwork in book form which give you access to the world – or rather the many worlds – created by this illustrator’s pens and pencils.

To say that an artbook is just a collection of images or drawings created by an artist would be reductive; an artbook is rather the attempt to transform a single original artwork or sketch into a collection which tells a story using only images.

Simone Bianchi has drawn or painted all the images in these artbooks and has overseen their creation, supervising in depth all steps necessary to turn a collection of artworks into a collectible which is, itself, art.



A hardback volume measuring 21.5 x 31.5 cm which contains a selection of works over 100 pages which represent the creative path taken by Simone in his work for the most prestigious comic book publishers.

Art Sketchbook - Artbook

A hardback artbook of 136 pages containing a selection of the best preliminary sketches, pencil drawings and intermediate phases of covers, commissions and illustrations created and published by Simone Bianchi over the last twelve years.

Marvel Masterpieces - Artbook

A hardback artbook containing all 135 paintings from the Marvel Masterpieces 2018 collection, created by Simone Bianchi for Upper Deck, each depicting one of Marvel’s best-known characters.
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