Original artworks

This collection of original artworks by Simone Bianchi is a collector’s paradise, where you will find unique items and other objects that would make any fan jealous. An original artwork is an irreplaceable piece, an original drawing by the artist which is then used in its digital format to print a comic book, lithographic print, sketchbook or artbook. The medium can range from traditional drawing paper to poster board or canvas, but it is the use of pencils, inks, acrylics or watercolours which renders the illustrator’s creative process concrete. Nothing less than the original artwork is able to generate the strongest emotions in collectors. They need to be seen to be believed!

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X-Men 30 Marvel preliminary

The final version of this work was used as the cover for the Marvel publication "X-Men" #30 in the Variant 1/60 Edition due out in January 2024.
Original artworks

Wolverine standing

Wolverine wears his mutant costume, his muscles are tense, he seems to be waiting for the next enemy. The attitude is proud. The claws well in evidence are waiting to deliver the decisive blow. Year 2022
Original artworks

The Savage Sword of Conan Vol II

In addition to the grandeur of the character, it was a special honor for Simone to make the omnibus cover of the works of one of his greatest Masters (and dear persoanle friend) John Buscema. The facial features are an homage to, and an attempt to reinterpret, Buscema's classic Conan, who in the collective imagination has become the iconic reference point...
Original artworks

Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #5 cover

Una delle cover di Sharkey preferite di Simone, per la naturalezza con cui Sharkey appoggia il peso del prorio corpo sul robot e contemporaneamente alza il braccio destro senza fatica, dando la sensazione che la pistola non abbia alcun peso. A Giugno 2019 la copertina originale è stata parte della personale presso il Centro Le Ciminiere di Catania...
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